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KG3 – Reading Textbook

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Reading is taught using the syllabic method, a straightforward and effective approach. This method involves combining letters to form syllables, words, phrases, and text.

This book is complemented by an exercise workbook and a writing copybook. To access the complete collection of “La Boîte aux Lettres” for KG3, please click here.

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Reading Textbook for KG3 – La Boîte aux Lettres 

KG3 Method Presentation

The reading textbook of “La Boîte aux Lettres” collection for KG3 is based on the syllabic reading method. It enables a simple and logical progression. From the simplest to the most complex, it begins with individual letters and progresses to syllables, words, sentences, and the text.

This book extends our KG1 and KG2 methods. It retains and expands upon the same spirit, content, and practices.

Our methods place a strong emphasis on oral expression. The oral expression serves as the foundation for learning to read and for the introduction to writing.

The “La Boîte aux Lettres” collection for KG3 is a comprehensive method for learning French. It consists of three components: a reading textbook, an exercise workbook, and a writing copybook. Additionally, this method comes with 10 storybooks.

Reading Textbook

The reading textbook of the “La Boîte aux Lettres” collection for KG3 comprises ten themes. Each theme includes two parts: first, two double-pages revolve around oral expression. They build on previous learnings, in particular the stories that serve as an introduction to the theme. Besides, a further two double-pages are devoted to reading lessons.

The reading textbook also includes assessment pages, song and rhyme lyrics, and “cultural” pages.

Moreover, a QR code is integrated into the reading book, and children can therefore listen to:

  • Songs and rhymes with lyrics in the book.
  • Storybooks. 
  • Role-playing games.

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