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Our Mission

To provide parents and educators with quality educational tools that properly equip children for a better future.

Quality education and continuous development

Kedemos Education is committed to providing high-quality academic and educational books and supporting materials that are tailored to students’ needs, all the while remaining at the forefront of technological innovation.

Our methods, in line with the latest pedagogical trends and in compliance with official curricula, are used by hundreds of thousands of students in the Middle East and Africa.

We are dedicated to continuous development as we actively seek feedback from teachers, educators, pedagogical experts, parents, and students. We regularly conduct evaluations to assess the efficiency of our school books, and to optimize their impact on learning.

Our Vision

To share and spread the pleasure of learning.

Interactive education for all

In a world where education is not accessible to all, we strive to provide children with books through which they can develop a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Kedemos Education creates exceptional and interactive pedagogical materials that ignite children’s passion and curiosity, and enhance their learning experience. We aspire to be a trusted partner in education worldwide, combining pedagogy and play, while being committed to diversity and inclusion.

While our printed educational materials allow for interactivity in the classroom and at home, our online learning platforms push the boundaries of play further with our interactive digital content. With Kedemos Education, learning is not limited to the shorter term, but rather aspires to a sustainable future that we happily help shape for the upcoming generations.

Our Values

Accessibility, quality, empowerment, sustainability


We strive to provide books that are accessible to all, and that are available in paper and digital form.


We ensure our published content is of the highest standard possible, while following the best pedagogical practices to provide fun learning conditions.


We empower students, educators, parents, and our employees to shape robust educational environments.


We are committed to building a sustainable future through the practices we implement inside and outside of our offices, and through the educational content we provide.

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Our Story​

From the establishment of the company to date, learn more about us!


Our efforts toward a more sustainable future through our green initiatives and strategies.