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Digital Platforms

Kedemos Education takes pride in being one of the leading publishers of educational content in the region, and in shaping the educational system of today and tomorrow. In keeping with our position as industry leaders, we have developed two distinct digital platforms that are easily accessible via computer, tablet, and smartphone, and that each serves a purpose:

  • The Kedemos Education reader provides the digital version of our books and pedagogical materials to teachers and educators.
  • The Kedemos Education Online platform gives users access to all our audio content.

These platforms are provided, free of charge, to all schools and educational institutions that opt for the Kedemos Education method of teaching. Below, you will find more information regarding each platform.

Digital learning has been gaining more traction in the educational realm. Thus, Kedemos Education has developed an interactive platform accessible to instructors and educators, both online and offline. The platform can be signed onto directly or the browser, or by downloading the Kedemos Reader application. On that platform, all our books and supporting pedagogical tools are available in digital format. This includes our interactive poster-puzzles and storybooks, among other activities. With these tools, collective classroom interaction is facilitated, and learning becomes more efficient.

Access and exposure to digital content are of significant importance to both students and educators because they allow for a wider reach, streamline interactivity in classrooms, and create a more sustainable educational system. By leveraging these benefits, Kedemos Education is able to meet the evolving needs of the educational sector, while guaranteeing the relevance of its textbooks in the digital age. This goes hand in hand with our sustainable practices that aim to reduce the use of paper and to preserve the environment.

Interactive Platform

Teaching children on an interactive platform unlocks a world of fun and learning adventures

Audio Content

Listening to our audio content with your kids creates special moments of learning and bonding

In the spirit of innovation and sustainable practices, and to enrich our pedagogical materials, Kedemos Education has created an online platform that features our exclusive collection of audio content.

The platform can be accessed via QR codes located in our books, or directly through the URL. Users will thus be granted access to all the audio recordings of the related book. This includes songs, rhymes, audio books, phonics, and role-play activities.

Through this platform, children can enjoy a positive and enriching learning experience that fosters language development. It also raises their phonological awareness by guiding their pronunciation of words, and stimulates their imagination and cognitive development. Additionally, it has a positive impact on their memory and their ability to recall information.

Our audio content is also of great importance to children who are learning a foreign language. Listening to audio content in a language that is not a mother tongue can expose children to different accents, cultures, and traditions, which broadens their horizons. 

The answers to your questions


Currently, we exclusively provide access to the digital versions of our books to our clients who are educational institutions. If you fall within that category, your administration can request access to our digital content through our office or authorized distributor in your  country. 

Please note that we are currently working on a solution that will integrate the purchase of eBooks by the general public in our online store. Stay tuned!

To access your eBooks through your browser, an internet connection is necessary. However, if you download the Kedemos Education Reader app, you have the option to download your eBooks. Once loaded on your device, you will be able to access your eBooks offline. Please note that you will not have access to multimedia with the offline version of our eBooks (audio recordings, posters, etc.). 

To download the Kedemos Education Reader app, please visit You’ll find the Download button at the bottom of the page.

You can read your purchased eBooks on your phone, tablet, and computer. Simply log in with the same account.

We do not provide PDF versions of our books to preserve our copyright as it would expose us to risks of piracy. 

To access the audio content of your book, simply scan the QR code located at the beginning of your book, or visit, select your book, and input the security code that you can find on the QR code page of your book. If you are unable to find the QR code page, it might mean that you have an older edition of the book. In such a case, please reach out to our support team for assistance at

Yes, streaming audio requires an internet connection.

You can access our audio content on your phone, tablet, and computer. Make sure to create an account and to log in with that same account to access your content library.

Our audio content cannot be downloaded. You can exclusively listen to it on our website, with an internet connection.

If you experience playback problems, check your internet connection and device settings. You can contact our support team at for further assistance.