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History & Facts

Kedemos Education is a family-owned publishing house that specializes in education. We provide quality books and supporting materials to children and educators from Nursery to Grade 9. We also create storybooks for young readers to support and enhance their learning and creative journeys.

Our authors are comprised of teams of educators with a considerable number of years working with children of all ages in schools and classrooms. They are experts in the field, and are highly knowledgeable in terms of child education. The books that we publish are all in compliance with local curricula, and are mindful of children’s psychomotor abilities at different ages, and the psychosocial context of our countries.

Kedemos Education was founded in 2005 by Alice and Frederic Kedemos. Their passion for education, coupled with their extensive professional experience spanning decades in both primary and higher education, enabled them to create innovative teaching methods and pedagogical materials. This, combined with hard work, dedication, and commitment, eventually propelled the company towards success, and paved the way for the future generation.

Today, Alice and Frederic Kedemos are on the company board and provide consultancy services to the organization. The second generation, represented by Frederic Jr. and Marie-Elisabeth, has taken over company management since 2018 and 2021, respectively, a step aiming at infusing a fresh and youthful perspective into the organization.


The growth and expansion of Kedemos Education has led to a significant restructuring of the company, and the opening of a second office in Lebanon. Today, Kedemos Education operates through its headquarters that houses the commercial department, and through a production office that operates alongside it. An office in Morocco has also been established to better serve the local and regional markets. In the digital realm, Kedemos Education has deployed its efforts and now provides educational institutions with an interactive online and offline platform that facilitates teaching and learning.

In an ever-changing business and educational environment, this blend of continuity, innovation, and adaptability has contributed to the company’s success. At the heart of it all reside the Kedemos Education employees. When the company was founded in 2005, three employees were hired. These three professionals are still part of the organization today. Over the years, new recruits have been brought in, trained, and now directly contribute to the success of the products and services we offer.

Pedagogy, people, creativity, and innovation are of top priority for Kedemos Education. A long-term vision helps bring all of it together, and continuously renewed strategies ensure the sustainable growth and continued success of the company, with our main driver being our eagerness to bring to fruition the best pedagogical practices that will pave the way to children’s academic and future professional success.


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