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Corporate Social Responsibility

Every company holds an important duty in creating jobs for its community. It is also their responsibility to contribute to the well-being of the society it operates in, and to ensure sustainable practices are adopted with minimal environmental impact. This is called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

At Kedemos Education, we are aware of our responsibility to educate young ones about environmental and societal issues. This is evident in the content of our books that often highlight these issues and provide solutions to curb the negative impact our behaviors and attitudes can have on both society and the environment. 

Internally, we have implemented programs, guidelines, and standards to promote our CSR initiatives. For example, 50% of our workforce consists of women. On the environmental front, we donate all our paper, cardboard, plastic, and tin cans to “L’ecoute,” an NGO that sells the recyclables to plants, and uses the monetary gains to develop educational and professional programs for the deaf and disabled to help them better integrate society.

As a publishing house, our paper consumption is high. This is why we have chosen suppliers that are sustainable paper companies: for each tree that is harvested, multiple trees are planted, thus preserving the fauna of our planet. We have also taken important steps, both internally and externally, aiming at reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to forest preservation. You will find below some of those measures.

Ecological initiatives in our offices

Paper, cardboard, and plastic recycling bins in our offices
Reduced paper usage, and digital note-taking and documentation
Use of the back side of paper as scrap paper before recycling
Double-sided printing, when possible, to curb paper consumption
Solar energy use for water heating to reduce fossil fuels

Ecological initiatives for our clients

Eco-friendly paper bags (less plastic)
CDs replaced with QR codes (less plastic)
E-books availability (less paper)
Fully interactive E-books (less paper)
Pedagogical E-kits (less paper and cardboard)

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