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Grade 1 – Writing Copybook

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This writing copybook complements the Grade 1 reading textbook.

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Writing Copybook Grade 1 – Arc-en-ciel


The Grade 1 Method Presentation

The “Arc-en-Ciel” writing copybook Grade 1 is based on the mixed reading method. Right from the start, letters and syllables are combined to build new words.

This book is an extension of our methods for KG2 and KG3. The spirit, content, and pedagogical practices are reframed and extended. Our teaching methods emphasize oral expression. The latter is indeed the basis for learning to read and write.

“Arc-en-ciel” for Grade 1 is a comprehensive method for learning French. It comprises the following components: a reading textbook, two exercise workbooks, and a writing copybook. Additionally, this method comes with 10 storybooks.


Writing Copybook

This book from the “Arc-en-ciel” collection for Grade 1 complements the Grade 1 reading textbook. It presents a writing method that constitutes the basis for learning how to spell words. This writing copybook’s main objective revolves around providing a systematic approach to learn how to write cursive graphemes. It also provides practice exercises for writing upper and lower-case letters. This writing copybook from the “Arc-en-ciel” collection for Grade 1 provides as well the fundamental basis for dictation work. The latter helps in improving vocabulary, grammar, and overall language skills. Children can express themselves verbally, and the process of transcribing their spoken words into written form reinforces language rules and structures.

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