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KG3 – Reading Textbook

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The “Arc-en-ciel” collection for KG3 is an engaging method for learning French through numerous and varied sessions of oral expression, grounded in the mixed reading method.

This Reading Textbook is complemented by an exercise workbook, a writing copybook, and 12 storybooks. To access the complete “Arc-en-ciel” collection for KG3, please click here.

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Reading Textbook for KG3 – Arc-en-ciel

The KG3 Method Presentation

The KG3 Reading textbook is based on the mixed method of reading. From the outset, the combination of letters and syllables is immediate for children to construct new words.

The KG3 Arc-en-ciel collection, as a whole, is a comprehensive method for learning French. It consists of three components: a reading textbook, an exercise workbook, and a writing copybook. This method also comes with 12 storybooks.

Reading Textbook

The reading textbook of the Arc-en-ciel collection is divided into 28 units. Three of these are revision units.

Each unit is divided into two parts: first, a double page is devoted to oral expression. This prepares students for reading. Then, another double page is reserved for reading sessions.

The book also includes the lyrics of songs and rhymes, as well as socialization-supporting materials.

The first page of the book contains a QR code. Children can thus listen to:

  • Storybooks 
  • Songs and rhymes whose lyrics can be found in the book.

The key elements

The Arc-en-ciel method is based on the following key elements: 

– Oral comprehension and expression.

– A wealth of images.

– Children’s participation.

– Regular assessments.

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